Why do you need a website?

If you have a business it is likely that you need a website. Things change fast in this business and the behaviour of consumers has changed to take advantage of technology. People are less likely to find your business through the ‘phone directory and much more likely to cruise around on the internet. If they find a reference to your business – say in one of the online directories – the next thing they will want to do is look at your website. If it doesn’t exist they will move on to a business that has one.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, even if you’re a one or two person outfit and even if you are not selling anything online you probably still need a website.

It’s more than just needing a website – you need a good one. Think of a website as a different sort of shop window – it needs to reflect the character of your business and invite potential customers to step into your shop. Finding your website may be the first interaction that a potential customer has with your company – a poor site may mean it’s the last one.

Websites aren’t just for customers either – they provide a way for potential employees, business partners and investors to gain an impression of your business.

Over the next few months I’ll write a few short posts on your options for establishing a website – I’ll try and avoid jargon but do feel free to mail me if you have any questions.