Things I thought I’d never do: Photography

When I started building websites my plan was to do the programming – PHP, CSS and HTML. If the problem is programming I know I can solve it, I may not know how long it will take but I know I can rearrange 1s and 0s in an acceptable fashion. I did not want to do artwork or photography – I’m not much good at either and completely unqualified .

The problem is that it just doesn’t work like that. The person that I’m working for at the moment has a fabulous collection of period costumes for hire, she had the artwork for the site but she needed photographs and without them however good I am at fixing PHP the site still won’t look that good.

With some reluctance I decided that I ought to try and learn how to take photographs. Luckily  I have three nieces and a daughter who all love dressing up, I have a decent camera and we all had a free day on the 27th of December.  We assembled at the Worn to be Wild shop in Alresford to find that my client had laid out several complete sets of costumes – including accessories ranging from a stuffed snake to a saxophone – it was a wonderful day.


The quality of the results probably owes more to the costumes, the models and Gimp than to my skill as a photographer. The collection of clothes is really stunning – the catsuit in this shot is is an original 1970′s number  – anyone remember Diana Rigg at Emma Peel in the Avengers?


The rest of website is coming along and I’ll put some images on the ‘WORK’ pages in the near future, the layout is pretty much done but there is a lot more wording to do and this is really up to the client to provide. I think she realised that I couldn’t help with that when I thought a Yoda costume was ET. In my defence they are both some sort of small sci-fi film creature – aren’t they?