Colour me stupid!

Finally – I read the book on HTML5 and CSS3 that has been sitting on my desk since I bought it at JAX London. Well, alright, truthfully – I have read half of it.

Reading books is a good way to learn  – but I find  that technical stuff doesn’t sink in unless I apply what I read somehow.

Since I struggle a bit with the ‘art’ side of web sites I wrote something that makes it a bit easier for me to visualise what colours and fonts will look like when you put them together in a standard sort of ‘blog site’ . It’s beginner style HTML5 so for goodness sake don’t copy it (read the book) ; I used Jan Odvarko’s jscolor library for picking colours.

Here is a link to it – let me know if it’s useful or fun or you can think of more stuff it should do. I hope the usage is self evident. Caveat – it has not been widely tested, if it doesn’t look right in your browser try Chrome or Firefox :-)



Now I need to read the rest of the