JAX London

I spent two days this week at JAX London – a conference for Java Developers that runs every six months in London. As always it was well organised and had great speakers – I particularly enjoyed James Governer’s keynote and was a bit sad that he had trouble rousing the audience who I suspect had enjoyed the free beer from Atlassian the night before. But James was philosophical about it – as he said, the beer and networking is a pretty important part of the conference.

In a recent post Barry talked about the value of developers attending conferences. In most of my post-conference posts I take a few minutes to rant (mildly) about employers that don’t understand the benefits of sending their developers to this kind of event. But I won’t this time – partly because Barry has said it so well  already and partly because the economy is tough, some people really are struggling to just keep going. So, if you are a software developer in a company where you can see the directors frantically trying to raise another round of venture capital, or where you know they have just lost their best client, or if you can see the stock price plummeting – hang on in there, give them your support and be prepared to look after your own education for a bit. Look out for JAX discounts from the LJC and come to our Open Conference on Saturday 26th November. On the other hand – if your directors are still flying first class and have just awarded themselves another ludicrous bonus – maybe it’s time to question their sincerity when the say they can’t afford to look after your professional development. Time to move on perhaps?

Just like everyone else who attended JAX, I have come back with a whole bunch of new ideas, enough to keep me busy for another six months anyway. I’ve started on one already and it’s going to be a-ma-zing!