Update – parallel run-tests.php

A few more people sent me performance figures for parallel run-tests.php last night, thanks to Olivier Doucet, Stefan Marr and Sean Coates and Chris Jones we have a few good points on the graph.

A few things to note:

  1. We are mainly running different sets of tests. The biggest runs are mine and Sean’s which have 6636 tests and run as 47 groups. This set of tests can be found in ~/phpruntests/AQ/QATimedBucket.tgz
  2. I’ve removed any variation in CPU and processor type by just plotting times as a fraction of the sequential time
  3. Sean ran the 47 groups over 47 processes, the time for this was 0.28 of the single process time. It looks from these results as though distributing between 4 processors is optimal

Thanks very much for running these!