Enamelling on Copper for Beginners

This is a three-hour long DVD aimed particularly at complete beginners, but also containing useful information on a range of techniques for the more experienced.

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Picture stencilling Bowl sgraffito Wire inlay work
Picture stencilling Bowl sgraffito Silver Clay

Contents include:

Details of materials and equipment you need for getting started and advice on how to clean your copper, how to sift the enamel and fire it, and shows suggestions for surface decoration.

The DVD then goes on to explain and demonstrate various techniques:

  • Stencilling
  • Using transparent enamels
  • Sgraffito with dry and liquid enamel
  • Wire inlay
  • Drawing on a pre-fired enamelled surface
  • Swirling

There is also advice on how to avoid or correct problems and a section on how to construct a home made kiln.



Enamelling on Copper - Beyond the Basics

This is a three-hour long DVD aimed particularly at the more experienced, but also containing useful information on a range of advanced techniques.

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Cat brooches wire inlay Baby portrait mixed Fish sgraffito
Cat brooches, wire inlay Baby portrait, mixed Fish sgraffito

Contents include:

  • Hard and Soft Enamel
  • Gold and Silver Foil
  • Gold and Silver Leaf
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Riso Screen
  • Painting with Liquid Enamels
  • Repoussé
  • Texture
  • Enamelling on Curved Surfaces
  • Beads
  • Shaping Copper for Enamelling
  • High Firing
  • Cloisonné
  • Enamel Painting

There is also advice on how to avoid or correct problems



Enamelling on Silver

The DVD is aimed at: complete beginners, enamellers starting to work on silver and silver workers trying out enamel for the first time

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Plique-a-jour Champleve Silver Clay Brooch with stone
Pliqué a jour Champlevé Silver Clay Brooch with stone

Contents include:

  • Introduction by Jane Short MBE
  • Hallmarking, kilns and equipment by RubyTomes
  • Getting started by Dorothy Cockrell
  • Enameling on Silver Clay by Joy Funnell
  • Pliqué-a- jour by Jean Wilkinson
  • Cloisonné by Bonnie Macintosh
  • Electro Etching by Penny Gildea
  • Textures by Jane Short MBE
  • Construction by Amanda Zoe
  • Fire stain by Jane Short MBE





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